Hiring a lawyer does not need to be stressful and impersonal.  

The process is simple; just send Doug an email from this website or call his office and speak to him or his assistant, Tricia.

Doug and his assistant Trish stand at a bookshelf welcoming you to their firm

Be prepared to give us the names of all the interested parties, friendly and adverse, so we can determine that we have no conflict of interest.

Doug and his assistant Trish work on a case file together

If the case is something Doug can handle, and that we have no conflicts of interest, either Doug or Tricia will re-contact you to set up a face-to-face meeting to find out if we can work together to resolve the matter.

Doug meet with a client in his office

At this point, Doug will probably ask you for documents, chronologies or summaries of the facts, if available.

A client received paperwork from Trish

Once we determine that we can handle the case we will enter into a Representation Agreement, and get to work on the case!

Doug shakes the hand of a client

If Doug cannot handle the case, he will usually give you the names and phone number of attorneys who may be able to help you. 

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