Insurance Law


Give Doug Shureen a call if you have a question about how your insurance policy applies to any damage you’ve suffered.

Call him even if you only have a question and need a few minutes to discuss it.

He can usually help you out and give you ideas about how your insurance policy might apply.


Here’s why Doug thinks he can help you:

Doug has been providing advice, assistance, and representation in insurance disputes for 24 years. Before he started practicing law he spent 4 years as a claims representative working for a major national insurance company.  During that time Doug handled some of the most complex and intensive insurance coverage disputes in the U.S., including hundreds of highly contentious environmental insurance coverage disputes.  These disputes dealt with unsettled issues of law involving the interpretation of key policy provisions.  In this work, Doug learned how to read, understand and evaluate insurance policies, and then apply the language of the policy to the facts of a particular claim.

Doug has used this experience for many years in his legal practice. He has provided counsel to clients and represented them in hundreds of litigated cases all over California and other states.  These cases usually involve insurance policy interpretation, damages for breach of contract, and damages for bad faith insurance practices.  Doug has represents insurers and insureds in these claims, as long as there is no conflict of interest.


Doug’s insurance services include advising insureds about their rights to insurance policy benefits in specific matters, making claims to insurers and brokers for coverage, communicating with insurers about the claim (including providing the necessary information to establish a right to coverage), and negotiating the claim with the insurer.  If the claim cannot be resolved with the insurer to the client’s satisfaction, Doug can enforce the client’s rights to insurance in court.


This experience includes any claim involving liability or property coverage, involving virtually any claim that may be made under a commercial or personal policy providing general liability or property coverage.


Doug can help you obtain insurance for almost any claim under these policies, including, for example, claims involving automobile accidents, fires, floods, defective products, defamation, trade secrets, and misappropriation, collapsed or damaged structures, criminal activity, lost digital information, and dozens of other types of claims.